Weare Middle School Library


The Weare Middle School library strives to provide up-to-date reference and pleasure reading materials for all students. The program ensures that students are able to effectively locate and evaluate materials that support the school curriculum. Students are encouraged to collaborate and share their ideas and information in a manner that demonstrates appropriate digital citizenship.  Independent reading and development of literacy are promoted for all students.





New Arrivals

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  • new-arrival-concealed-in-death.png
  • new-arrival-power-play.png
  • new-arrival-private-la.png
  • new-arrival-still-life-with-bread-crumbs.png
  • new-arrival-stone-cold.png
  • new-arrival-the-accident.png
  • new-arrival-the-chase.png
  • new-arrival-the-goldfinch.png
  • new-arrival-the-invention-of-wings.png
  • new-arrival-words-of-radiance.png
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