If you have forgotten your PowerSchool Parent Portal password, you will be unable to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Use this procedure to recover your password. Once you provide your username and email address, PowerSchool authenticates your information and sends a security token to your registered email (i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Using the security token, you can then log back into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, where you will then be required to change your password.

Note: The security token is only valid for 30 minutes. If it expires before you can reset your password, perform this procedure again.

  1. Open your web browser to and the Sign In page appears.
  2. Click on Having trouble logging in?  and The Recover Account Sign In Information page appears.
  3. Click on the Forgot Password? tab to recover your password.
  4. Type in your username in the box.
  5. Press the TAB key.
  6. Type in your email address in the box.
  7. Click on the ENTER button.
  8. A confirmation message appears indicating an email has been sent to you with instructions for resetting your password.
  9. Open the email message and follow the instructions.

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