Special Education

What is the Special Education Department?

Weare Middle School is dedicated to providing an inclusion for students with disabilities. All students at WMS are integrated into regular education classrooms and programs whenever possible. Therapists and support staff have the flexibility to work in classrooms as partners with the classroom teachers and to use a variety of small therapy rooms if it is necessary to work with students outside of the regular classroom.

At WMS we have one special education teacher or Inclusion Facilitator at each grade level. The Inclusion Facilitator’s job is to provide services and support to students’ with disabilities in the areas of reading, math and writing. Each Inclusion Facilitator works closely with the grade level classroom teachers to support children with disabilities. In addition to working with students who have disabilities, the Inclusion Facilitators also work with students without disabilities under our RTI or Response to Intervention model. This allows us to provide support to all students regardless of whether or not they have an educational disability and allows us the flexibility to intervene prior to students failing.

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