Principal's Corner


Date: 8/1/2016

To the Weare Middle School Parents:

The 2016-2017 school year has arrived and we have readied the InfoSnap information for you. School will begin on August 25th, with Weare Middle School students starting at 7:30 AM.

The coming school year, once again, brings many changes within the Weare Middle School staff. We continue to share the facility with the 4th and 5th grade Upper Elementary, and grade level locations have changed little over the summer.  The Middle School is located primarily in the South end of the building and the Upper Elementary in the North end.  We continue to work to prepare for the new year and the many challenges we face during the school year. We will place all items of parent interest and notifications on the school website ( For those parents who are unable to access the website, you may request a hard copy through the main office by calling 603-529-7555 and speaking with either Heather Cozby or Kira Winward. We can then make that information available to you for pick up at the school.

We would like to invite all of you to attend the Open House on September 8th for grades 6, 7, and 8 at the school. The Open House begins at 6 PM and will conclude at 7:30 PM. The evening will begin in the gymnasium and then move to the students assigned team areas.  There will also be an informational session for 8th grade parents and students regarding the Washington, DC trip in the cafeteria following Open House.

If your child is having anxiety about the upcoming school year, below are some websites that provide some ways to ease that tension and stress.  These are sites that we provided last school year and can be helpful to both parents and students. 

If have any questions or concerns, please contact our staff at 603-529-7555, or by email through our Weare Middle School website:


Mark A. Willis-Principal, M.Ed.