Background & Access

What is InfoSnap?
InfoSnap is a provider of online admission and registration solutions designed specifically for Pre K - 12 schools. InfoSnap provides secure customized online forms based on the school system's existing registration processes.

Why use InfoSnap?
InfoSnap online registration enables families to enter and update student biographical data anytime using secure customized online registration forms, then delivers this data to the school's student information system PowerSchool.

What are the advantages of using InfoSnap?
InfoSnap makes the registration process simpler and more efficient for parents/guardians by reducing repetitive information entered on paper forms. It's more "green” then using paper forms. Using InfoSnap saves the school staff many hours of manual data entry. Online registration enables cost savings on paper and postage. It also allows the school to collect and process more quickly the annual registration of students.

How does InfoSnap work?
For a parent/guardian to complete or update their child’s InfoSnap forms, they need an access code known as a “snap code”. Once a parent/guardian has have the snap code they logon to the InfoSnap website and access the InfoSnap forms. The InfoSnap forms are pre-populated with data from the school's student information system PowerSchool. Parents/guardians only need to make changes or corrections to the forms.

I have other questions about InfoSnap. What should I do?
Review the FAQ for InfoSnap.

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