I never received a snap code for my child or I lost my snap code, what do I do now?
Snap codes will be emailed and/or mailed to parents/guardians of returning students prior to the first day of school to the primary email address and/or current residence provided by the family. Therefore please check your spam folder if you have not yet received it. If you have lost your snap code, then contact the school registrar.

If I have more than one student enrolling in the district do I need to complete a separate form for each child?
Yes. Each child will have specific information that is required – and each will have an individual, unique snap code – but you will be able to take the basic, shared information from the first child you register and copy that information over to each addition child you are registering. We recommend you complete one registration form and submit it and then begin another so that you may share that common information, thus saving you time.

Do I need more than one InfoSnap account?
No. You only need one InfoSnap account to register all of your students. By utilizing one account, some information may be carried over to each additional student you are registering.

What if some of the pre-populated information was wrong when I logged in to InfoSnap?
Correct whatever information is allowed to be changed. Note that some information cannot be changed online using Infosnap and will need to be changed in person at the school.

How long will it take to complete the online portion of the registration?
Typically online registration will take approximately 30 minutes per child. If you need to step away, InfoSnap will save your session and you can resume later by logging back in. Save your snap code and password in a safe location.

What if I do not have access to a computer at home? Where can I go to register?
You may register at the local public library, Internet cafe, your work place or anywhere that has computers with Internet access.

If none of my child’s information changed, do I still need to do the online registration process?
Yes. In addition to the Health Information needed, there are several agreement questions that must be answered each year for your child’s health and safety, technology access, and participation in instructional programs.

I'm having trouble using the online registration system. Who should I contact for help?
If you are experiencing technical problems completing the online registration, please call InfoSnap Support at 866-752-6850. If you have a question related to specific registration questions and the registration process, please contact the school registrar.

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