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What is a school store?
A school store is literally a store that's at school. Parent  volunteers, teachers, and sometimes even    students run the  school store. The store sells little pencils, erasers, small  notebooks, agendas,highlighters etc. Basically, anything  you'd need to succeed in class. Our school store also sells merchandise branded with the school colors, mascot, and  slogan. 

Where is the school store located?

When is the school store open?
Wednesday mornings from 8:30 until 11:00 am.
NOTE: If a student or staff member needs a school supply when the store is closed please see Mrs. Garner or Mrs. Ekberg in Guidance.

Can I buy gift certificates for the school store?
Yes. Students, parents, and teachers can purchase a gift certificate in the store. Gift certificates come in any denominations.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Cash, checks (school staff and parents only), and school store gift certificates are accepted.


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