Strategic Plan

What is a strategic plan?
A strategic plan is a document that determines where an organization is going, charts a course of action, defines what resources are needed, and conveys measures of success.  In contrast to long-term planning, which begins with the current status and defines a path to meet estimated future needs, our strategic plan began with the desired results in mind and works backwards to our current status.

Why have a strategic plan?
SAU 24's strategic plan serves a variety of purposes. First, the plan clearly defines a direction through the setting of goals at the SAU as well as at the schools. It ensures that our resources are utilized in the most efficient manner by focusing them on our key priorities. The plan also provides a base from which progress can be measured. Lastly, the plan communicates the work of the schools within the SAU to our parents, constituents, and the public at large.

What is the term of the strategic plan?
The SAU 24 Strategic Plan: A Blue Print for the Future was first published in April of 2012. Its original duration was five years, but the plan is reviewed annually, with accomplishments noted in appendices and new goals added to promote a model of continuous growth.

Where can I get a copy of the strategic plan and annual appendices?
Click here to get a copy from the SAU 24 website.

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