Technology Plan

What is a Technology Plan?
A Technology Plan is an effort to plan for the most effective and efficient use of resources to meet current and future technology needs for the school.

Why have a Technology Plan?
A Technology Plan is required for E-rate Priority 2 Services and Title IID project funding. They are used to document a school's ICT Literacy program, and for technology budgeting purposes. 

Who approves the Technology Plan?
After a Technology Plan is written, it is submitted to the School Board for approval. Then the Technology Plan is reviewed and approved by the New Hampshire Office of Educational Technology.

What is the term of the current Technology Plan?
Three years from 2015-18.

How often is the Technology Plan reviewed?
The Technology Plan is reviewed annually generating a report that details the completed goals, status of ongoing tasks, and addresses new issues or concerns that arise.

Where can I get a copy of the Technology Plan?
See the below attachments for a copy.

Download this file (WSD Technology Plan 2012-2015.pdf)WSD Technology Plan 2012-2015.pdf[ ]738 kB2014-07-31 11:16
Download this file (WSD Technology Plan 2015-2018 .pdf)WSD Technology Plan 2015-2018 .pdf[ ]930 kB2015-05-05 11:55

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