We appreciate your interest in serving as a volunteer for our school! The involvement of parents, volunteers and others in the community who serve as a resource to schools is fundamentally important to the success of school programs.

Why volunteer at a school?
School volunteers provide invaluable support in two primary ways - as individuals and through organizations.

Where can a volunteer assist?
Most volunteers give their time:
* Working with students in the classroom.
* Offering curriculum enrichment to students.
* Participating in school organizations such as PTO or Athletic Booster Clubs.
* Providing counsel to the school district as members of advisory committees.
* Improving school grounds and buildings.

What are the school goals for volunteers?
The school supports volunteer efforts to:
 * Increase children's motivation for learning.
 * Enrich children's school experiences.
 * Strengthen school-community relations.
 * Build understanding of schools among citizens.

How to volunteer?
The best way to volunteer is to contact the principal of the school via phone or email.

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