PowerTeacher Gradebook

What is PowerTeacher Gradebook?
PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG) is the school's gradebook of record. Teachers should be entering assignments and grades, which will then be automatically calculated to create progress and report card grades. Both students and parents can access Gradebook via the PowerSchool Student and Parent portals to review assignments, due dates, grades, and teacher comments.

What has changed with PowerTeacher Gradebook 2.8?
There is a new way to launch PowerTeacher Gradebook that protects against Java updates.

Last year year I was told not to perform a Java update on my PC or Mac. Is that still true?
You can now upgrade Java to the latest version on your PC or Mac without any impact on PowerTeacher Gradebook.

Can I have PowerTeacher Gradebook on my desktop?
You can add a new desktop shortcut with three easy installation steps:

  1. On the PowerTeacher portal Navigation menu you will notice the “New Gradebook Launch” feature. Click the Installer link and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the new launcher. You must run the setup one time on each system you use to access the Gradebook.
  2. When the launcher setup is complete, return to the PowerTeacher portal navigation menu and click Launch.
  3. That’s it! Now you have the choice to launch the Gradebook from the Navigation menu per usual, or use the desktop shortcut. Either way, using the new launch feature will give you the same PowerTeacher experience.

Note: This new launch feature is designed to ensure stability for current PowerTeacher Gradebook users on Windows and Mac platforms. The Gradebook itself remains the same and should not require any re-training.

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